Add credits to your Veil Hosts Account

How To Add Credits With Paypal Or Credit

All orders that add multiple or use the same paypal account more than once in a day will be cancelled and user banned. We can't have those huge transactions or we will once again lose a payment option because people don't read or care what we say. This is a zero tolerance policy already.

You can purchase credits with either paypal or credit card.
With Credit Card you can buy in 5 amounts - $25, $55, $110, $150, $200.
With paypal You can Buy $30, $40, $50, $75

Our Knowledgebase Tutorials (Being worked on) - (Copy / Paste)

We have added more listings and masked them as Ubuntu items as it's probably hard to explain how we’ve sold 10 gift cards yet have no gift card sales. The amount at the end of the title is the amount you will receive. For Example, “Wordpress Package Updates 25" will give you $25 in credits at veil hosts.

Please use your same email at checkout as you use for to make it easy to add the credits to your account.

The Credit card site is in euros and we balanced the exchange rate. Your card carrier may decline the transaction due to it requiring a conversion fee and it can not be tacked onto to order as it doesn’t come from us. You can try calling the card carrier or bank, try other cards, or use the Paypal option. If your card is declined, please don’t just try over and over. There’s no point as it will decline again unless you clear the transaction with your card carrier. I will look around and see what I can find for international visa gift cards that work or something similar. -As it stands -We have a decent success rate with credit cards. If you are in a hurry to get invoiced and checkout, this will be the faster option because you only have to wait for one response instead of asking for the invoice, waiting, receiving the invoice, waiting again, paying, waiting again.

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