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WARNING! If you do not follow this guide and send to someone's $cashtag you will have LOST your money. We do not have a cashapp account nor a cashtag. Please follow this guide exactly.

There has been a lot of confusion regarding cashapp and bitcoin payment for invoices. A lot of people are doing it wrong. Here is a step by step guide on how to do it correctly. This is sending to an EXTERNAL wallet, meaning a wallet that didn't come from Cashapp. 

First, you must have your identity confirmed on Cashapp before you are allowed to send btc. If you are not, it's very easy and we have a full video on getting confirmed and sending to external wallets HERE. Once you're confirmed (takes about 5 minutes) you can proceed to the steps below. 

Step 1: Click the Bitcoin section from home in Cashapp


Step 2: Click The Send icon 


Step 03: Gather the amount of bitcoin you want to send from checkout.


Step 4: Typically you will want to pay using the BTC currency option so it matches the amount in your invoice.

What is $10 here may not be the same amount of btc on a different exchange or at a different time. But the

amount of bitcoin sent will not change. 

Paste the amount we copied from checkout.


Step 5: Get the wallet address from the same checkout page. 


Step 6: Paste the wallet address in cashapp



Step 7: Click the address at the bottom where the blue checkmark appears.


Step 8: Choose your speed of delivery. Note the differences

in price for each option. 


Step 9: Confirm your Pin


Step 10: Finished. 


Always remember that just because the btc is sent, that doesn't mean it was received immediately. It can take hours before confirmations depending on a lot of variables. Please always wait at least 12 hours after you've sent payment before asking for support. 

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